At Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages, we take pride in ensuring your tourism experience in Hobart will be unique and unforgettable.We aim to immerse you in the history and romance of Colonial Hobart by touring the Battery Point area and Salamanca Place driven by a pair of horses pulling an open carriage.
Bonorong specialises in Tasmanian wildlife education, care and rehabilitation and are committed to the conservation of Tasmania's threatened species and providing a first class and engaging visitor experience. You will not only get to see Tasmanian wildlife but also have the opportunity to get right up close to pat, and hand feed a range of our delightful furry friends while discovering their unique stories.

Tasmania offers a wide range of world-class experiences.
Our island state is renowned for our fresh food, wine, award-winning whisky and pristine wilderness. We encourage you to take the opportunity to extend your stay in Tasmania and enjoy some of our unique experiences.

Touring Tasmania

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International Seaweed Association

The International Seaweed Association (ISA) is an international organisation dedicated to the encouragement of research and development of seaweed and seaweed products. The mission of the ISA is to promote applied phycology on a global basis, and to stimulate interactions among researchers, industrialists and government representatives in all relevant institutions, organizations and industries and in all countries.


One of the main activities of the ISA is the organisation of a 3-yearly International Seaweed Symposium of which 20 have now taken place all over the world. The 23rd Symposium took place in Korea in 2019 and Australia will host the 24th Symposium in Hobart, Tasmania.

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